Uptown Virtual Media

We are a full service digital media and virtual reality company that will handle everything from filming, editing, streaming to mobile application development.

We will custom build your Oculus, Sony VR, Samsung VR and other Virtual Reality content and help you submit for the market.  If your interested lets talk; Phone 707-322-3485 or email CEO@UptownVirtualmedia.com

App & Website Development

VR Apps:
Our mobile applications are limitless and combine innovative storytelling content with any mobile VR goggles.

VR Videos:
Video is key in today’s attention trading world. We film, edit also distribute eye catching content using an omnidirectional and HD cameras.

Gaming communities have been the engine behind virtual realities mainstream adoption. We build custom games that you can take straight to market and start earning revenue.

Marketing is not the same in today’s information age and we understand what it takes to reach the target audiences that your looking for. We provide cross- platform marketing solutions to get your brand or products to the world in an authentic voice.

Digital Marketing

Attention trading can get noisy for your business. Our strategy team works to ensure that your business is at the top of the search engine so that your customers can can find you. We specialize in making sure those who are looking for you know where to find you! Social media and influencer marketing is bigger than just setting up accounts and posting on them daily. It’s about who can help your brand scale in growth and where are the communities that you should be targeting.